Simon Lewis


Here is a glimpse behind some of the things I have been shooting lately, please click here to see some examples on the clips page. This page is constantly being updated, so feel free to contact me about any recent projects I may have been involved with or take a look at the gear page, to see what kit I use on shoots. 

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Hugh's Wild West

KEO Films




Deadly Dinosaurs

BBC Natural History Unit


Autumnwatch 2017

BBC Natural History Unit



Secret Life of Owls

Windfall Films, C5

Springwatch 2017

BBC Natural History Unit



The Last Artifact




Small for a Reason

Macro High-speed and Sync for BBC1 - Natural History Unit

Planet Earth 2: Google Earth

Studio based Interviews with Planet Earth 2 team for Google Earth - BBC Earth Productions


Natural World - Falcons

Peregrine Falcon behaviour and documentary currently in production for BBC2 - Natural History Unit


3 Days of exclusive hands on training with the new line of Red Cinema cameras at Slimbridge Wetlands Trust.

The Zoo

 New comedy natural history obs doc for CBBC currently in production - BBC Natural History Unit


Thailand - Earths Tropical Paradise

3 x 1 hour landmark for BBC2 - BBC Natural History Unit.

Shooting on RED Dragon, Sony F55 and multiple time-lapse & Nmotion control systems to capture the Northern and Central Regions of Thailand.


A Special Development shoot

With the legend that is Sir David Attenborough

RED Dragon, Arri Ultra Primes.


Nature's Weirdest Events

8 Part for BBC2, hosted by Chris Packham - Natural History Unit
            This program was shot over a period of 6 months in several sections. Firstly, a studio set build to house our 2 week of interior shooting, covering experiments and editorial links in high speed, with macro techniques, time-lapse and 4K Red Dragon. The next stage of production was spread across the world, filming contributors for the show. The last portion of shooting took place in the Nevada desert, where all of the links with Chris Packham, and our title sequence was shot. 

The One Show 

Slow motion and sync camera work for BBC One Show "The Science of Getting Dry" - Natural History Unit


Pets Who Hate Vets

Camera operator - Sync and actuality. Produced by Plimsoll Productions for Channel 5

 Animal House

Camera operator - Sync and Behaviour. Produced by Plimsoll Productions for Channel 5

BBC Earth Camera Operator and Graphic Design

For nearly 3 years, I operated as an in-house camera man, filming across many platforms, using many different camera techniques such as high-speed, time-lapse, motion control, macro and Sync. Another side to the role was creating motion graphics and other pieces of graphic design wherever needed. 

Wild School 

Canada and Belize - BBC Earth Productions. Camera and time-lapse photographer, covering the story of baby animals and their journey into adulthood.

Walking with Dinosaurs Special Feature

BBC Earth Productions. Red camera operator and lighting for a unique look into the latest advances in Paleontology.

Camera operator for Online contemporary culture video magazine and producer of Luxury branded content.